Standardization in the fields of Commercial and Professional Refrigerating Appliances and Systems for refrigeration, preparation, catering retail and wholesale of food and beverage and related products, with respect to performance requirements and related test methods; requirements and test methods for determination of energy consumption.

Industrial scale production plants are excluded. Safety and Environmental matters are excluded.

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Referencia Título Tipo
ISO/TC 86/SC 7/WG 1   Refrigerated, blast cabinets and ice makers for professional use Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 86/SC 7/WG 2   Commercial beverage coolers and ice cream freezers Grupo de trabajo
ISO/TC 86/SC 7/WG 3   Commercial refrigerated display cabinets Grupo de trabajo
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Referencia Título ISO/IEC
IEC/SC 61C Safety of refrigeration appliances for household and commercial use IEC


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IIF International Institute of Refrigeration A

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