Quality rules on World Quality Day

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Quality contributes to business success and, ultimately, a nation's prosperity, and standards provide the tools and processes to ensure it does just that. The theme for this year's World Quality Day is "Sweet Dreams" and delves into the wonderful world of chocolate to fly the flag for quality – what better way to celebrate?

The fact that chocolate tastes good, our clothes don't fall apart as we wear them and our mug of tea doesn't disintegrate in our hand is, in part, due to a reasonable level of quality. Good levels of quality in products and services don't just make our day-to-day life easier, they are good for economies by helping businesses boost sales, manage risks, contribute to innovation and ensure corporate responsibility.

Celebrated today, World Quality Day is an opportunity to promote the importance of quality and the contribution it makes towards business and the growth and prosperity of the nations.

ISO International Standards provide an essential foundation to help organizations ensure and improve quality. ISO 9001, for example, sets out the requirements for a quality management system applicable to all types of businesses, regardless of size or sector. It is based on a framework of continuous improvement that helps optimize work processes so that quality prevails and organizations continue to thrive.

In addition, ISO has more than 20 500 International Standards that provide specifications and requirements specific to individual products, services or systems, each of which helps ensure that things are developed and function as intended. And we even have standards for chocolate!

Learn more about ISO and quality.

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