Celebrating World Environment Day

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“Time for Nature” is the theme for this year’s World Environment Day, highlighting that the time has come to take action to save our planet. A new ISO committee on biodiversity will help us all do just that.

From extreme weather events to COVID-19, worldwide phenomena are telling us that nature is in need of our attention. As this year’s World Environment Day theme reminds us, life on earth wouldn’t be possible without nature’s services, so we must all take action now to protect it and at least slow down the rate at which we are destroying it.

ISO has thousands of standards that help organizations of all kinds improve their environmental performance and take steps to making our world more sustainable. These include ISO 14001 for environmental management and others in the ISO 14000 series, such as the ISO 14055 guidelines for good practices in land management, which aims to prevent or minimize land degradation and desertification.

What’s more, ISO has just announced the creation of a brand-new technical committee charged with developing standards in the field of biodiversity, to help all kinds of organizations enhance their contribution to sustainable development and put nature first.

Speckled bioluminescent squid lying on the seabed.

The committee intends to develop standards that harmonize terminologies and principles related to biodiversity, outline methodologies for impact analysis and help organizations define strategic actions and monitor their progress in these areas.

These future standards will help organizations integrate biodiversity considerations into their activities, assist them with related decision making and provide guidelines on specific biodiversity issues such as ecological engineering and aspects related to specific species and new technologies.

In this way, the new committee will contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in particular SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 14 (Life below Water) and SDG 15 (Life on Land), designed to reduce human impact on the environment by 2030.

Learn more about how ISO standards put nature first and help to build a more sustainable world on our dedicated page.

For more information on ISO’s new committee for biodiversity, contact your national ISO member.

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