Turning waste into useful resources

Supporting the right to safe sanitation on World Toilet Day.

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Over four billion people globally still lack access to safely managed sanitation, and the effects of climate change threaten to make the situation worse. Which is why this year’s World Toilet Day theme is “Sustainable Sanitation and Climate Change”.

To support this cause, ISO has recently published an International Standard to support new technologies that turn human waste into clean water.

ISO 31800Faecal sludge treatment units – Energy independent, prefabricated, community-scale, resource recovery units – Safety and performance requirements, specifies requirements and test methods to ensure the performance and safety of units that can serve up to a hundred thousand people. The standard will help to promote trust amongst industry players and grow the market for this technology, ultimately improving the livelihoods and health of many.

In countries where there is no mains sewer system that safely treats and removes human waste, these stand-alone units can be a lifesaver. ISO 31800 is just one of many ISO standards that directly contribute to this year’s World Toilet Day theme and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6 for clean water and sanitation.

Other standards include:

  • ISO 30500Non-sewered sanitation systems – Prefabricated integrated treatment units – General safety and performance requirements for design and testing, which supports the development and use of new non-sewered sanitation systems for prefabricated integrated treatment units that are not attached to a sewer. It features general safety and performance requirements for product design and performance testing.
  • ISO 46001Water efficiency management systems – Requirements with guidance for use, which aims to help organizations of all sizes and status be more water-efficient.
  • ISO 24521Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services – Guidelines for the management of basic on-site domestic wastewater services, which offers the practical guidance required for designing and building such facilities as well as training the people who are destined to use them. It will be supported by ISO 24525, Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services – Guidelines for the management of basic on-site domestic wastewater services – Operations and maintenance activities, currently in development.

All of these standards and more can be purchased from your national ISO member or the ISO Store.

For more information about how ISO International Standards contribute to SDG 6 and clean water and sanitation for all, see our dedicated page.

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