ISO 23555-1:2022
ISO 23555-1:2022
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This document specifies generic safety, constructional, performance, testing and documentation requirements for high pressure controls for use in gas transmission, distribution and installations (hereafter referred to as controls).

This document is applicable to controls with operating pressures greater than 500 kPa (5 bar) and up to and including 10 MPa (100 bar) and nominal size up to DN 400 for use with fuel gases as natural gas, manufactured gas, biomethane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in commercial, industrial installations, including fuel gas infrastructures.

The test methods given in this document are intended for product type test, routine tests and batch surveillance tests.

This document is not applicable to:

—    controls upstream from/on/in domestic gas-consuming appliances which are installed downstream of domestic gas meters;

—    controls designed with declared maximum capacity ≤200 m3/h (normal conditions) and declared maximum inlet pressure ≤500 kPa (5 bar), to be incorporated into pressure control systems used in service lines (pipework from the main pipework in a gas infrastructure to the point of delivery of the gas);

—    industrial process control valves, such as IEC 60534;

—    controls used in aggressive/sour gas environments (gas environments containing water and H2S are considered sour) or severely corrosive conditions;

—    controls in service conditions with renewables (e.g. H2NG with hydrogen more than 10 %) and/or waste gases (e.g. biogas, etc.), if additional information is not provided (e.g. contaminant, liquid, etc.).


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