ISO 10303-1:2021
ISO 10303-1:2021

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This document provides an overview of ISO 10303.

ISO 10303 provides a representation of product information along with the necessary mechanisms and definitions to enable product data to be exchanged. The exchange is among different computer systems and environments associated with the complete product lifecycle, including product design, manufacture, use, maintenance, and final disposition of the product.

This document defines the basic principles of product information representation and exchange used in ISO 10303. It specifies the characteristics of the various series of parts of ISO 10303 and the relationships among them.

The following are within the scope of this document:

—    scope statement for ISO 10303 as a whole;

—    overview of ISO 10303;

—    architectures of ISO 10303;

—    structure of ISO 10303;

—    terms and definitions used throughout ISO 10303;

—    overview of data specification methods used in ISO 10303;

NOTE  This includes the EXPRESS data specification language and graphical presentation of product information models.

—    introduction to the series of parts of ISO 10303:

—    integrated resources;

—    application interpreted constructs;

—    application modules;

—    business object models;

—    application protocols;

—    implementation methods;

—    usage guides;

—    conformance testing methodology and framework;

—    abstract test suites;

—    scheme for identification of schemas and other information objects defined within parts of ISO 10303.

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