ISO/TS 17420-8:2021
ISO/TS 17420-8:2021
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This document specifies the requirements for respiratory protective devices for use by workers during response to incidents involving chemical, biological radiological or nuclear (CBRN) materials used with intent to cause harm or in cases of accidental release outside traditional hazardous materials response categories. For the purposes of this document, all incidents described here are named CBRN incidents.

This document is applicable to RPD for use by personnel in the following roles:

—    First responders: including police, fire service, emergency medical, search and rescue, sampling and detection teams.

—    Workers needed for specific roles during response (utility, transportation, service continuity).

—    Medical personnel working with casualties of CBRN incidents.

—    Responders to release incidents involving nuclear materials.

—    Non-emergency but CBRN-related roles.

—    Workers in need of protection during escape from a CBRN or radiological release incident.

—    Workers in need of protection from nuclear materials.

The requirements for RPD use by the following groups are not addressed by this document:

—    Military personnel outside of first responder roles.

—    Children.

—    Animals.

Requirements for the following are not covered by this document:

—    Collective protection systems including ventilated casualty/body bags.

—    Methods of and criteria for decontamination of RPD.

—    Disposal of used equipment.

This document is focused on respiratory protection requirements, but it is recognised that CBRN RPD are always used as part of an ensemble with protective clothing. The total ensemble effectiveness is not covered by this document.

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     : 2021-10
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  •  : ISO/TC 94/SC 15 Respiratory protective devices
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    13.340.30 Respiratory protective devices

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