Standardization in the field of translation, interpreting, as well as translation and interpreting related technology, technical writing, content management, localization, globalization, internationalization.

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Reference Title Type
ISO/TC 37/SC 5/TCG   Terminology coordination group Working group
ISO/TC 37/SC 5/WG 1   Translation Working group
ISO/TC 37/SC 5/WG 2   Interpreting Working group
ISO/TC 37/SC 5/WG 3   Facilities and equipment for interpreting services Working group
ISO/TC 37/SC 5/WG 4   Interpreting and translation teaching and training programs Working group
Liaison Committees to ISO/TC 37/SC 5

The committees below can access the documents of ISO/TC 37/SC 5:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 35 User interfaces ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 43/SC 2 Building acoustics ISO


Liaison Committees from ISO/TC 37/SC 5

ISO/TC 37/SC 5 can access the documents of the committees below:

Reference Title ISO/IEC
ISO/TC 43/SC 2 Building acoustics ISO
ISO/TC 232 Education and learning services ISO


Organizations in liaison (Category A and B)
Acronym Title Category
AIIC International Association of Conference Interpreters A
CalConnect The Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium A
CJEU Court of Justice of the European Union A
EC - European Commission European Commission A
EFSLI European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters A
EP European Parliament A
ETUC European Trade Union Confederation A
EUATC European Union of Associations of Translation Companies A
EULITA European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association A
FIT International Federation of Translators A
GALA Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) A
Infoterm International Information Centre for Terminology (Infoterm) A
LTAC/TerminOrgs Language Terminology/Translation and Authoring Consortium / Terminology for Large Organizations A
OASIS Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) A
TERMNET International Network for Terminology, TermNet A
UEA - Esperanto Universala Esperanto-Asocio A
WASLI World Association of Sign Language Interpreters A
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization A

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