International Standard
ISO/IEC 15938-17:2024
Information technology — Multimedia content description interface — Part 17: Compression of neural networks for multimedia content description and analysis
Reference number
ISO/IEC 15938-17:2024
Edition 2
International Standard
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ISO/IEC 15938-17:2024
Published (Edition 2, 2024)

ISO/IEC 15938-17:2024

ISO/IEC 15938-17:2024
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This document specifies Neural Network Coding (NNC) as a compressed representation of the parameters/weights of a trained neural network and a decoding process for the compressed representation, complementing the description of the network topology in existing (exchange) formats for neural networks. It establishes a toolbox of compression methods, specifying (where applicable) the resulting elements of the compressed bitstream. Most of these tools can be applied to the compression of entire neural networks, and some of them can also be applied to the compression of differential updates of neural networks with respect to a base network. Such differential updates are for example useful when models are redistributed after fine-tuning or transfer learning, or when providing versions of a neural network with different compression ratios.

This document does not specify a complete protocol for the transmission of neural networks, but focuses on compression of network parameters. Only the syntax format, semantics, associated decoding process requirements, parameter sparsification, parameter transformation methods, parameter quantization, entropy coding method and integration/signalling within existing exchange formats are specified, while other matters such as pre-processing, system signalling and multiplexing, data loss recovery and post-processing are considered to be outside the scope of this document. Additionally, the internal processing steps performed within a decoder are also considered to be outside the scope of this document; only the externally observable output behaviour is required to conform to the specifications of this document.

General information

  •  : Published
     : 2024-01
    : International Standard published [60.60]
  •  : 2
     : 95
  • ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29
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